FAQ - Customers

Below you can find frequently asked questions and answers regarding the use of Takeout UK. If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact us on +44 (0) 208 080 3152 or send an email to team@takeout.co.uk, after which we will contact you as soon as possible.

1. Do I have to register as a user?

Yes, to use Takeout UK and associated apps, it is necessary to register as a user in order to complete an order. This registration can be done both via desktop or app.  You are aslo encouraged to read our privacy and security policy included in our “Terms and Conditions".

2. I forgot my password?

Click on "Forgot password" in the "Log in" field and enter your email address here (this is also your username), after which your password will be sent immediately to your provided email address.

3. I am not able to log in?

When you need to log in, it is important that you enter your email address (username) and password correctly. You can change your password below in the "Account Information" tab once you are logged in, by clicking on the game like profile button at the top right. If you still cannot log in, you can press "Forgot password" in the "Log in" field and enter your email address here, after which your password will be sent immediately to your provided email address.

4. How do I order via Takeout UK?

Ordering takeaway food online at Takeout is an easy, quick and easy process:

  1. Choose your address,
  2. Select the restaurant you want to order from,
  3. Choose your food and / or drink,
  4. Choose pick-up or drop-off,
  5. Select approve the order and pay,

 and the food is on its way.

5. Is the restaurant open?

The restaurants listed will indicate if they are open or closed when you carry out your search. You can also choose, under "filters", to only show restaurants that are open here and now. 

If you choose a restaurant that has closed, you will be informed about this, as well as have the opportunity to pre-order when the restaurant reopens or you will be offered the oppotunity to choose another restaurant.

To see a restaruants's daily opening hours, simply click on the link "info" icon below the restaurant image.

6. Where is my account information?

You can access all your information by clicking on the game like profile button at the top right. Below you will find your account information with everything from contact information and delivery addresses, to previous and favorite orders.

Via this easy overview, it also gives you the opportunity to complete faster and more personal orders, as you can customize and change your personal information and your preferences about favorite restaurants and favorite orders, just as you have all the information about your previous orders. .

7. How can I change my personal information and preferences?

You can change your personal information and preferences by logging in as a user, after which you can change the desired data under "account information", such as password, address, favorite orders, registration / deregistration of newsletters, etc.

8. What about my personal information and security?

We are very aware of the importance of a clear and secure policy regarding the protection of your personal information and other security. Read more about our customer policy regarding personal information and security under the link Terms & Cookies.

9. How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to newsletters?

Unsubscribing from the newsletter is as easy as subscribing to it. Registration can e.g. happen via the website under "account information", specific ads, receipts from your purchases. When unsubscribing from the newsletter, simply click on the link in the newsletter or log in to "account information", and press subscribe / unsubscribe from the contact.

10. How does the delivery take place?

Takeout takes care of arranging the orders for the restaurants, after which the actual delivery is primarily handled by Takeout's own drivers and cars. It may happen that some restaurants handle the delivery themselves. In the event of exceptional busyness, Takeout can use reliable third-party drivers to assist with delivery.

11. Is there a right of withdrawal?

There is no right of withdrawal under the Consumer Contracts Act on the menus or other items, calculated from the time of confirmation of the order. Every ordered item goes directly to production and is therefore considered to have started after your receipt of the order confirmation of the order. You can see e-takeaway's general terms and conditions by clicking on the Terms and Conditions link .

12. What about errors and omissions?

In the event of errors, deficiencies or any missing orders, please contact the restaurant directly, if the restaurant has handled the delivery itself. In cases where Takeout has handled the delivery, please contact Takeout's customer service directly on tel. +44 (0) 208 080 3152 or by email to team@takeout.co.uk.

Takeout.dk communicates the orders electronically and strives for the website to always work optimally, but we can not guarantee that the website and the telephone system are error-free and operational at all times, and reservations are also made for printing errors and sold-out items.

13. What payment methods can I use?

All prices are in DKK and incl. VAT. Payment is made by drawing on a credit card or by using a credit scheme (only applies to companies and public institutions). If a credit card is used, the amount can be deducted after placing the order and thus after delivery of the item.

When Takeout handles the delivery for the restaurant, no cash can be paid on delivery, as Takeout's drivers do not drive around with cash for practical and safety reasons; therefore, payment must be made online by credit card or via the credit scheme (only for companies and public institutions).

14. Does the system require me to use a credit card for external delivery?

When ordering for delivery, and the delivery must be handled by Takeout for the restaurant, the order must be paid online with a credit card (or "credit" for the company's users who are connected to Takeout's company scheme). This is because, for practical and safety reasons, the drivers do not drive around with several thousand kroner in cash. Furthermore, forced credit card payment means that all parties save a lot of administration, avoiding settlement between 3 different parties (the driver, the restaurant and the customer), as would be the case with cash payment.

15. When will the amount be deducted from my credit card?

When you pay online via Takeout, it is a payment here and now - just like when you pay elsewhere with your credit card. However, the amount will only be deducted when Takeout actively withdraws the amount via DIBS or Braintree Payments (payment gateway). The actual withdrawal of the amount in your account therefore depends on the specific transaction time, but it will usually be approx. 1-2 days.

16. How do I know that my order has been completed / forwarded?

Your order is confirmed and completed only when you click on "Approve Order" at the end of the order process and / or possibly. pay online via DIBS or Braintree Payments payment gateway. Before you approve, we will give you all relevant information about your order, so you have the opportunity to make "last minute" changes before you send your order away.

The order confirmation - with a "Welcome" greeting - at the end is your assurance that your order has been shipped and received by the restaurant. A confirmation of your order containing an order number, delivery time, etc. will also be sent to your e-mail, where you can see the entire contents of the order.

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