About Us

We Empower Restaurants to Deliver

Takeout Local operates with the Takeout Platform, a highly innovative food delivery platform that supports all types of food businesses, ranging from small independent operators with a single location to large, multichannel operations with multiple brands and thousands of locations. The platform integrates three key capabilities for food delivery excellence; a market portal for takeout ordering, a bespoke website and app creation tool and a dedicated delivery dispatching tool, helping us deliver quality food from trusted food partners, securely, sustainably and safely.

Our Vision

Takeout Local's food delivery as a service (FDAS) model, supports a balanced partnership between independent restaurants, consumers and local communities. We achieve this by providing appropriate technology (giving restaurants access to the data and the marketing tools they need), by keeping delivery costs low (see our fair charge statement),  and by making available and supporting a network of local, sustainable delivery service providers for safe delivery of quality meals.  

Our Mission

Takeout Local promotes self-reliance, sustainability and fair charges to bring immediate relief to the restaurant industry. We empower independent restaurants by bringing food delivery costs down to help food businesses thrive and remain profitable for the long term and we work to transform last mile delivery by making it flexible, efficient and sustainable.

Join Us

Interested in joining us on Takeout Local? Please do get in touch, it is easy for restaurants to register and get set up to start selling online in 24 hours. You can begin by registering your interest here. If you are a customer and you would like to purchase products for delivery, it is even simpler and quicker. You can order through our market portal local.takeout.co.uk or download our App and get started immediately. If you are interested in working with Takeout Local as a delivery agent, please get in touch and we will provide you with all you need to get started.


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